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PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
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My customer account at Bode Naturkost:

1. How do I become customer of Bode Naturkost?
Simply sign in online here.
2. How do I proceed, if I have an issue with my account?
Please use our contakt form or call us at +49 (0) 40 739 332 0. We will process your request quickly!
3. How can I view / modify my customer data?
Please also let us know your request via the contact form. We are happy to take care of it.

Our payment options:

Which payment options do I have?
1. Via Paypal
We offer payment by Paypal as an option for orders in our online shop.
2. Payment by SEPA Direct Debit
Please issue us with a SEPA direct debit mandate.
This is also possible digitally during registration or the order process in our online shop.
3. Purchase on account
The purchase on account is possible. You will receive the invoice with the necessary information by e-mail.
4. Payment in advance
The delivery of your order will take place upon receipt of full payment.
Private customers are obliged to pay in advance for first orders with a value of goods of € 500.00 or more.
Our bank details
Please transfer to the following account:

Horst Bode Import-Export GmbH
Sparkasse Südholstein
IBAN: DE85 2305 1030 0015 0928 28 .
You can find more information in our GTC.

Shipping and self collection:

Which shipping options can I use?
The listed shipping costs refer to shipments within Germany.
For deliveries outside Germany, we shall inform you of applicable shipping charges on request and in the order confirmation.
1. Parcel shipping
From an order value of € 100,00 you benefit from free delivery .
Below this value, the shipping costs per parcel (up to 31 kg) are € 5.90 each for a maximum of 2 parcels per order.
Not all items can be sent by parcel shipment. Items that are suitable for parcel delivery are marked with the parcel symbol.
2. Freight forwarding
The minimum order value per order for nationwide free delivery is € 300.00.
Order value                          Shipping costs
from € 300.00                                       free shipping
over € 200.00 bis € 300.00               € 15.00
up to € 200.00                                      € 25.00
3. Can I pick up my order myself?
You are welcome to collect your order in person from us, from an order value of € 100.00.
To do so, please select the option for self collection during the order process in the shop.
In order to hand over the goods, we need your collection reference, which you will receive with your order confirmation.
Pick-up times: Mondays to Fridays 06:00 am - 2:00 pm
Collection address: Horst Bode Import-Export GmbH, Havighorster Weg 6, 21031 Hamburg

For order volumes of 5 pallets or more you must arrange a time slot with

You will find further information on shipping in our GTC.

Ordering and tracking:

1. How do I place my order?
a) Conveniently use our online shop. For this purpose, please log in to your customer account.
b) Or place your order by e-mail to your account manager.
2. How can I be sure that I have placed my order correctly?
After successfully placing an order via our online shop, you will receive an order acknowledgement.
You will receive an order confirmation (unless you have deselected this option) as soon as we have processed your order.
3. Where is my shipment / when will I receive my goods?
When we ship your order, you will receive a tracking link with your order confirmation.

In case of complaints:

How do I report a product defect?
1. Please feel free to use our complaint form.
This way we can find a quick and uncomplicated solution for you.
2. To ensure a smooth process, we kindly ask for your support:
- In case of transport damage: Documentation on your delivery note with the driver's legible signature.
(Only in this way can a refund claim be forwarded to the forwarding agent).
- Photo(s) from which the damage is recognisable
- Exact description of the deviation
- Details of the item that is damaged/not in perfect condition (item number, name, batch number, best before date)

Product related information:

Where can I get product related information?
1. Allergen information
- We highlight allergenic ingredients contained in the product in bold in the list of ingredients of our products.
You will find this information in our online shop as well as on the label of the product.
- Our retail packages are produced on a line that packs sesame, peanuts, nuts, soy and gluten containing products.
In spite of our extensive allergen management, we indicate these as trace information on the labels.
- As we obtain our raw materials from different sources, information on possible cross contamination may differ even for the same products.
If you have any further questions about allergens, please feel free write to us at
2. Product specifications
We will be happy to send you our product specifications. Kindly contact us via the contact form with the subject "Product specification" and provide the following information:
- Your customer number
- The item number of the product for which you need the documentation.
3. Certificates
Our current certificates are available for you to download.
4. Raw food quality
Raw foods are products that are not heated or only slightly heated during production.
You can find our definition of raw food quality on our page product expertise under the item raw food.
Please follow this link to our list of all products with raw food quality.

Supplier selection and regionality:

How does Bode Naturkost choose the suppliers for my products?
1. Our supplier selection:
When it comes to our quality, transparency is our top priority. Therefore, it is particularly important for us that the associated documents such as certificates and product analyses are available and comprehensible.
Our comprehensive supplier approval process ensures that our purchasing department only procures food from a new business partner after extensive testing and supplier approval.
With the help of our proven quality management system, we also ensure high food quality and safety. We analyse our foodstuffs at accredited external laboratories and they get tested by our trained quality assurance team.
In addition, ethical and social aspects also play a role in our trade relations.
Are you interested in our quality standards? Read more.
You would like to know more about our values that influence our choice of suppliers? Under sustainability we go into more depth on the topic for you.
2. How do I know which country of origin my products come from?
We always declare the country of origin of our products in our online shop and on the product packaging.
To ensure a diverse range of products for you, we source our food worldwide. We rely on our trustworthy trading partners, who supply us with crops from organic farming that are not suitable for cultivation in our climate zone.
When we make our selection, we check whether the product complements our range and whether we can source it in a way that is as close to nature and future oriented as possible. Our purchasing specialists always keep an eye on the market situation, climatic conditions and transport.
Do you have any further questions? Please feel free to write to us via the contact form.

Information about our plastic free, garden compostable packaging:

1. What are the advantages of a garden compostable bag?
a. Based on cellulose
The raw material for the base consists of cellulose and is obtained from residual and waste wood from FSC-certified forestry. The film is thus predominantly composed of renewable raw materials, is certified as plastic-free and is fully recyclable.
For further information please see plastic free packaging.
b. Our film is certified plastic free
Its components are certified by TÜV and the Frauenhofer Institute as "home and garden compostable" and are free of pollutants and genetic engineering. In a natural environment, the film composts in 180 days to water, CO2 and biomass, which are returned to the cycle. Consequently, no microplastics are produced during decomposition.
2. How can I recognise plastic free packaged products?
You can find the products in our shop in the category plastic free assortment.
There is always a logo on the packaging that says "film garden compostable".