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PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
PDM natuerlich von bode weiss
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Your reliable trading partner

We offer you many years of experience

Worldwide direct import of organic raw materials
Nut kernels, seeds, soft fruit, dried fruit chips, legumes, rice, baking ingredients, canned goods and cereals, etc.

Organic dry full assortment from spread to seasoning
For bakeries, processors, organic food stores, canteen kitchens, restaurants, unpacked shops, health food shops, shopping communities and even consumers.

Everything in stock
Our storage capacity is more than 8000 euro pallets. In addition, we have our own refrigerated and freezer warehouses. Our modern and efficient warehouse logistics ensures prompt order processing. Reliable logistics partners and your own trucks will quickly deliver the goods you want.

Short delivery time
In general, we still load on the day of order! Inner German max. 2 working days from the day of loading (plus possible notification period). Within our driving range (around Hamburg) delivery Wednesday and Friday.

Export worldwide
We supply our raw materials and private label products worldwide, offering fast export processing and low freight rates.

Modern packaging technology
We also offer our raw materials packed under our own brand BODE NATURKOST. Modern packaging machines make it possible to pack large quantities efficiently and safely into sealed tubular bags with front and / or back labels or clip closures in plug-in or display boxes. We fill sensitive products by hand. Filling in glass, cans and paper bags is also possible.

Private label
We are happy to make it possible for you to produce your own private label items: mixing, packaging and labeling in service - even without label.

Special conditions
Ask for special rates for large quantities.

Low net order value
Nationwide free delivery from a net order value of € 300, -. Deliveries to other European countries by individual agreement.

We offer a broad organic range of around 1,600 products in large and small containers for B2B and B2C customers. We offer the food industry, bakeries, wholesalers, food retailers, zero waste food shops and end consumers a huge selection of organic raw materials and processed organic products.