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Bode Box Pimp Your Müsli organic

Plastikfrei Bode Box Pimp Your Müsli organic

Product Specification Bode Box Pimp Your Müsli organic

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Garden compostable: why is this more environmentally friendly?

The foil is a multi-layer foil. The raw material for the base consists of cellulose and is obtained from residual and waste wood from FSC-certified forestry. The foil is mainly composed of renewable raw materials, is certified plastic-free and fully recyclable. Its components are certified by TÜV as "home and garden compostable" and are free of harmful substances and genetic engineering. In a natural environment, the foil composts in 180 days to water CO2 and biomass, which are returned to the cycle. Currently, this material represents the highest environmental standard. No microplastics are produced when the foil is degraded. As the foil is made of several layers, it provides optimum protection for our food against external influences and guarantees our high product quality and safety.
Conclusion: It provides natural fertilizer for plants and is also harmless to humans, animals and the environment.
The label for this product line is made of paper and is certified compostable in composting plants.

How do I dispose of the packaging?

Simply put the bag on the garden compost, there it will be completely degraded. Please peel off or cut out the industrially compostable label beforehand. Unfortunately, there is currently no label that is certified for composting in the garden - until then we have to do it this way. Then dispose of the label in the yellow garbage can or residual waste.
No compost available? Tips for creating a compost in the garden or a compost box for the home can be found here. Otherwise, the packaging may be disposed of in one of the above-mentioned garbage cans without exception, as it will be incinerated there without causing any pollutants. Unfortunately, the organic waste ordinance prohibits the disposal of packaging in the organic waste garbage can, as many sorting facilities are not yet equipped to distinguish compostable packaging from conventional plastics and compost it. The reason for this is that for most waste disposal companies, the 12-week process of degrading down the foil is too long, because for them the compost is only stored for four to six weeks. During that time, the foil hasn't completely degraded and would have to be screened out at great expense. Possibilities are being worked on - hopefully there will be a change soon!

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Article No. 48090
Bio-Control code DE-ÖKO-003
Package 1 carton à 1.75 kg
Ingredients Alle Artikel sind mit unserer neuen gartenkompostierbaren Verpackungsfolie umhüllt. Folgende Artikel befinden sich in der Box: Art. 70098 Cashew-Stücke bio 200g Art. 70139 Kokoschips geröstet ungesüßt bio 250g Art. 70086 Quinoa gepufft bio 100g Art. 70129 Hanfsamen geschält 200 g Art. 70091 Salat & Müsli Topping bio 175g Art. 70128 Maulbeeren bio 200g Art. 70088 Cranberries gesüßt mit Apfeldicksaft bio 125g Art. 70301 Müsli Basis bio 500g Weitere Informationen zu den einzelnen Produkten finden Sie unter der jeweiligen Artikelnummer hier im Shop.